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2009 Statistics  
 73.9% of everyone in America uses the Internet [1]
 251,735,500 people in America use the Internet [2]
 86.9% of all Internet searchers choose the top rankings and don't go to the second page [3]

Get New Patients Easily 
 It is widely reported that approximately 7% of the population will seek a chiropractor for care. That equates to 17,621,485 people in the United States who are on the Internet getting chiropractic care or 251 unique patients per year. For some, that means 351 unique patients and others will be seeing 151 why can’t you be one of the doctors treating 351 patients per year? The answer is those patients do not know about you and the solution is exposure. 

Win through exposure
The US Chiropractic directory will be exposing your practice to 10,000,000's Internet viewers monthly. Although Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL are tried and proven to deliver results and we will be working with them, they are no longer the target of every major corporation in America to gain exposure. In fact they are no longer the future. The US Chiropractic Directory is on the cutting edge of tweets, hits, etc…We can give you statistics of our years of experience and how well we have done in the past, but you really don’t care. You only care about how many new patients end up in your office and when a patient wants to find a chiropractor, we are the best at what we do.  

Our consultants are the leaders in chiropractic PRACTICE
We have reached out to some of the most successful doctors and consultants in the country and researched what brings patients to a Web search engine and then bridge that gap to getting them to contact you. When a patient wants to find a chiropractor and ends up in your office…that is the measure of success. We only care about the results.

86.8% Internet users click on the top listings. You need to be there to secure more new patients. Return on Investment: The average collection of 1 case is $2,500 at $21.99 per month for this service equates to covering your cost for 113 months. 1 new case also equates to $113.69 for every dollar spent on your return on investment for every new patient with very little cash outlay. Basically, this is a no-brianer!


The US Chiropractic Directory is the only place on earth with a curriculum vitae (CV) builder. We have created a fill-in-the-blanks format for you to post your credentials. This gives the public an opportunity to find the best doctor for their health problem based upon your credentials and experience. Our research revealed that this is one of the most powerful motivators to get a patient to pick up the phone and make an appointment. The best doctors nationally now have the opportunity to win because they are the best and the US ChiropracticDirectory gives you that vehicle.
[3] US Chiropractic Directory Audit, October 2009





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