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CASE STUDY: Diagnosis of a chronic low back pain patient experiencing radiating symptoms in the leg utilizing appropriate examination procedures and radiographs 210
CASE REPORT: Identification and conservative management of traumatic cervical spine ligament damage AKA Alteration of Motion Segmental Integrity (AOMSI) 197
CASE REPORT: Conservative management of wrist pain originating from capitate bone fracture 159
CASE STUDY: Safe and Effective Chiropractic Treatment of a Large Intervertebral Disc Extrusion causing Moderate Spinal Canal Stenosis and Displacement of Nerve Roots 232
Management, treatment, and the utilization of advance imaging in the diagnosis of concurrent Lumbar spine and hip complaints in a 60-year-old female 179
CASE REPORT: Chiropractic management of posterior shoulder capsule tear 318
CASE REPORT - Long-term chiropractic maintenance patient presents with back pain from metastatic cancer. 592
Case Report – Utilization of the Transcapular Y-View Radiograph in the Diagnosis of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome 1144
CASE REPORT: Chiropractic Management of Non-Surgical Rotator Cuff Injury 762
CASE REPORT: Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Stress Injury and Pending Spondylolisthesis in the Young Athlete 1205
Case Report – Importance of Clinical Correlation and the Potential Detrimental Reliance on Radiologist Reporting of MRI Studies in Clinical Chiropractic 743
CASE REPORT: T2 Hyperintense Extradural Lumbar Mass. Clinical Presentation and Outcome 650
CASE REPORT: Multiple cervical and lumbar disc herniations and ligamentous injury, post MVA treated successfully with conservative chiropractic treatment 3539
CASE REPORT: Severe Disc Herniation without radicular symptamotology 5636
CASE REPORT: Chiropractic High Velocity-Low Amplitude Adjustments in the Presence of a Herniated Disc without Compromise of the Cauda Equina 5004
CASE REPORT: Re-Integration of Lost Cervical Curve Post-Motor Vehicle Accident 7146
CASE REPORT: Establishing the Efficacy for Trauma Trained Chiropractors as Primary Spine Care Physicians 8235
CASE REPORT: Conservative care and axial distraction therapy for the management of cervical and lumbar disc herniations and ligament laxity post motor vehicle collision. 7938
CASE REPORT: The Assessment of Traumatic Cervical Spine Injury and Utilization of Advanced Imaging in a Chiropractic Office. 11706
CASE REPORT: The chiropractic management of cervical Myelomalacia 15339
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