Necessary Use of Initial X-Rays in Chiropractic: FACT SHEET

Frequency Protocols with Initial Chiropractic Care

Addictionology, Back Pain and Chiropractic

CASE STUDY: Diagnosis of a chronic low back pain patient experiencing radiating symptoms in the leg utilizing appropriate examination procedures and radiographs

CASE REPORT: Conservative management of wrist pain originating from capitate bone fracture

CASE STUDY: Safe and Effective Chiropractic Treatment of a Large Intervertebral Disc Extrusion causing Moderate Spinal Canal Stenosis and Displacement of Nerve Roots

CASE REPORT: Identification and conservative management of traumatic cervical spine ligament damage AKA Alteration of Motion Segmental Integrity (AOMSI)

Management, treatment, and the utilization of advance imaging in the diagnosis of concurrent Lumbar spine and hip complaints in a 60-year-old female

Increased Chiropractic Visit Frequency Renders Better Outcomes

CASE REPORT: Chiropractic management of posterior shoulder capsule tear

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